Public Relations

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While we do most of our public relations ourselves, here at Cyber Defense Magazine, our Founder & Executive Producer, Gary S. Miliefsky, has worked closely with one of the best public relations firms in America, EMSI Incorporated.

EMSI provides:

National Print Coverage

Today’s “print” publications include hard-copy newspapers and magazines and the burgeoning online news industry. This powerful combination has the potential to reach millions of loyal readers and to build your brand’s credibility as a trusted and respected news source.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an essential and effective marketing tool, but most brands simply don’t have the expertise to capitalize on this newest communications tool. We make social media easy by professionally managing your campaign on a daily basis — growing your following and your revenue potential.

TV Appearances

Being a featured guest on a local or national TV show positions you as an authority to viewers. Television allows your personality to shine through, giving the audience a real taste of you and your brand. Pair this with the fact that video is so popular online and it’s easy to see why brands everywhere seek this medium.

Talk Radio Interviews

Talk radio is an excellent place to showcase your brand because the strong relationships hosts have with their audience fosters a strong third-party endorsement. This dynamic medium allows you to build brand recognition and trust with potential customers.

To learn more about EMSI’s Founder & CEO, Marsha Friedman, click on the photo, below:

“Marsha and her team are brilliant at public relations, exceptionally talented, well connected and deliver incredible results”
Gary S. Miliefsky,

Executive Producer, Cyber Defense Magazine

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