CDM Editorial Calendar




Content Due Date

Publication Date

January 2019 Biometrics, IoT Security Enhancements, Vulnerability Management Dec 15th Jan 1st
February 2019 Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Security, Endpoint Security Jan 15th Feb 1st
March 2019 Annual PRINT Edition Jan 4th Mar 4th
April 2019 DDoS Defense/Protection, Ransomware Mar 15th Apr 1st
May 2019 Privileged Account Security, Security Training, Threat Intelligence Apr 15th May 1st
June 2019 Threat Intel, Machine Learning and A.I., Honeypots and Deception Technologies May 15th June 1st
July 2019 Access Control, Breach Prevention, Cybersecurity Analytics June 15th July 1st
August 2019 Data Loss Prevention, Encryption, Fraud Prevention July 15th Aug 1st
September 2019 Anti-Malware/Phishing, Incident Response, Time-based Security Aug 15th Sep 1st
October 2019 Global Print Edition Aug 31st Oct 9th
November 2019 Blockchain Risks, Bitcoins and Crypto, Mobile and Wallets Oct 15th Nov 1st
December 2019 What’s coming in 2020, Email Security, Insider Threat Detection, New Technologies Nov 15th Dec 1st