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Where the onset of the internet has been a blessing for almost everyone, it has also proved to be a curse for many of us. Hackers are improvising new ways to burst the privacy bubble of people. Security experts warn us that most cyber-attacks initiate from our smartphones. And despite the alarming number of hacking incidents in the last decade, an average person doesn’t know how to protect his smartphones from these attacks.

In addition to getting personal information of people, these hackers target company employees to hack into a business smartphone to obtain vital information. Therefore, taking appropriate precautions to protect your phone is more important than it has ever been.

Here are 5 simple ways to keep your smartphone’s data secured.

Use Trusted Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Most people connect to public Wi-Fi without giving it a second thought. What they don’t know is that these public Wi-Fi can be used to obtain sensitive information from the connected devices. Most hotels and event venues have their security protocols in place, but free public Wi-Fis in areas like shopping centers, cafes, airports and parks and far less secure and should be used wisely.

Whenever you are in a public place, it is best to keep your Wi-Fi turned off or use it through a VPN which re-routes your network traffic through an encrypted connection.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

You should take benefit of every possible security procedure available to make your device as secure as it can be. A two-factor authentication (2FA) is a solid barrier that prevents unwarranted access to your personal data and information.

Most people don’t use this feature because it requires an extra step for verification but imagine all your information that is put on stake if you skip 2FA. Nowadays, due to fingerprint technology and save-password options, this feature is much easier to use.

Use Trusted Apps

It is imperative that you should only download apps from sources that are trustable, especially the ones that use your GPS location. While the iPhone has some trustable apps for tracking like iphone location tracking, the standards are not that high in an Android. An android phone allows installation from various sources and people fall prey to cyber-attacks due to fishy apps.

The best way to avoid this is by sticking to apps that are allowed by App Store on the iPhone and Play Store on Android and make sure they can be trusted before giving them any permissions.

Ignore Spam and Phishing Emails

The most common way a hacker uses to crawl his way through the company’s security protocol is by breaking into an employee’s inbox. You should educate yourself on how to avoid these emails and identify phishing emails from original ones.

Make sure that you don’t give your personal information to anyone online and cross-check the sender’s identity before engaging in a conversation with him.

Keep your Apps Updated

Most people delay the updates of their operating systems and apps. But delaying it for a very long time compromises the security features of an app. Developers are trying to keep up with the hackers by rolling regular security updates for apps and operating systems, and you should download these updates as soon as possible to keep your data secure.

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